Work Life Balance

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Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Work-Life Balance by Jeff Stibel. You can follow him on Twitter @stibel


The article refers to entrepreneurs being a unique type of people, ones who focus on their vision with a single-minded passion, so much so that anything diverts their attention from turning their visions and passions into reality, goes by the wayside. He quotes Gates and Zucherburg as such examples.


Stibel does give ground by acknowledging, “If family, friends, and hobbies are important to you, then by all means you should pursue those things. But the key is to make the most important things a priority and to get rid of the rest.”


At the time of my reading the article, I was enjoying “a week away from it all” after an unusually tough start to the year. I am very glad I took this week and had some “me time”. It enabled me, like no other time in my life, to ‘take stock’ and refuel the mind, body and spirit. It allowed me to realign my priorities for work life balance. I may not be an entrepreneur, they are special and unique people, but I am passionate about student learning and am very fortunate to be the principal of a great learning community!


Obviously passion drives people. If you are passionate about your work then you are not working.  The fact is most of us are not entrepreneurs and therefore, when work gets too much for us, we need to address work/life balance. For some, family, children, spouses are the priority and passions; they are what sustain us. It is not our work and not our vision.


Some of us are not defined by the work we do but by the way we act as a mother or father, behave as a wife or husband, and support our parents. Ultimately, the way we go about these roles are what ultimately supports the growth and development of society. Sometime, we need to take time out to address the imbalance of too much work. I am glad I did.




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