Which Advertisement and Where?

If you were responsible for advertising a pivotal position at your school, which advertisement would place in the local paper? Which advertisement would you place elsewhere? Where would elsewhere be?





Recently, the College has undergone an expansive review of the structures which support learning at the College. This has resulted in the College adopting a new structure to support contemporary, cutting-edge learning. Pivotal to this new structure is a new promotional position known as




Reporting directly to the Assistant Principal, TWO PEDAGOGY LEADERS will be appointed for the beginning of the 2013 school year. They will share the responsibility for the continued implementation of initiatives which support the strategic learning directions of the College and they will be responsible for leading innovative thinking and action which shapes a positive culture of student-centred learning at the College. A Pedagogy Leader is a relational person who can lead by example and show teaches ways to balance student-centred pedagogy whilst not losing sight of the outcomes mandated in current content-driven environment of NSW schools.


A complete role description can be found at ……


OR, would you place this Ad?  http://bit.ly/WDgQTE


I would appreciate your feedback.




One thought on “Which Advertisement and Where?

  1. Hi Greg,This has me thinking… I think increasingly people are placing more ‘store’ on Twitter and blogging as a measure of educational leadership – my question is – is this the case? I am concerned that ‘blogs’ are seen as credible because they are based on ‘practice’ – my concern is that our focus should be on praxis (practice that is clealry informed by theory). I would NOT only advertise via blog/Twitter – as I think you limit your pool – I would also clearly want applicants to address the theory that underlies their experience and their leadership etc. My worry is that we are seen the emergence of self-nominated ‘educational leaders’ who measure their own success and that of others based on Twitter as a sphere of influence – it is only one sphere – that’s my 2cents.Cheers,Catherine

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