PLANE, @7Mrsjames and my reflection

Yesterday, Twiiter colleague @7Mrsjames posted the following

In response I table the following….


In 2009, Mark Treadwell ignited a passion to learn about a new paradigm of learning. This started my learning journey and shortly afterwards the College of which I am Principal. I really like two of your lines…


“To progress we must provide learning environments that challenge students thinking, ask more questions and not provide as many answers, listen more and talk less, don’t accept, be open to curiosity, explore more, fail forward and negotiate.”


Your call for new educators. “Educators who are willing to say “I don’t know; but boy, do I wanna learn!” Educators that are willing to take risks, to call out for help, to share resources, to support your learning as well as their own, educators who are personable and capable, persistent and innovative.”


For the College of which I am privileged to be Principal, our objective is to enable learning opportunities which:

·         provide students with greater autonomy and choice of

o   subject matter

o   learning methods and

o   pace of study.

·         involve students in more decision‐making processes.

·         require extensive use of digital technologies.

·         result in memorable experiences where students ‘learn by doing’ with relevance to the real world.


New Educators challenging student thinking will help this to be achieved. PLANE may assist some teachers in their journey to become “new educators”.


@7Mrsjames, “Thanks” for the post and “thank you” for the reflection it prompted.






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