Non-Commissioned Time for Teachers – An Update

A few weeks back I published the following blog “Non-Commissioned Time for Teachers” It was exciting to get so many responses, with many of them adding to the original idea. Ah, you gotta luv the online PLN!
The week before last, I tabled an “Ideas Paper” with the wonderful staff @materdeiwagga. The “Ideas Paper” has four “BIG Ideas”. All were represented on a  shared Google document, allowing for some ‘on the spot’ collaboration. One of the four ideas was “Unstructured and Non-Commissioned Time for Teachers”.  26  teachers reflected and responded to this idea. Their thoughts, feelings, concerns, excitement and overall reflections can be found at
I would appreciate your comments below, or on the Doc itself, if you get a chance.
Regards and Thanks,

3 thoughts on “Non-Commissioned Time for Teachers – An Update

  1. I really, really like this idea. How motivating and exciting. What’s your plan for funding the release time? Hmmmm thinking about how we could make it work at my school.

    1. Hello Poppy,
      Thanks for your comment. The idea might initially be to trial the idea with a few teachers in this coming term. W will pay for a casual teacher or two to come in for a few days here and there to cover classes for permanent teachers to have ‘non-commissioned’ time. We will do some evaluation of the initiative and then make more permanent plans for the future.

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