Adventure Learning

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Earlier today, the staff of St Luke’s Catholic College introduced ‘Adventure Learning’ to 360 students across Kindergarten to Year 7. Through a clever use of time, Adventure Learning will take place each Wednesday afternoon after lunch for 90 minutes.
In the foreground, students learning more about “Slime Madness” from our Director of Mission, Mrs Julie Atkins.

‘Adventure Learning’ offers experiential learning through deep inquiry with increased choice for students. Students will engage in ‘courses’ which comprise a ‘passion project’ or ‘deep dive’ into an area of interest. There were courses with “cool” names such as”Bop ’til you drop”, “School Entrepreneurs”, “Design and Make Pokemon”, “Let’s Create a Mess”, “Kitchen Chemistry”, “It’s my Beanstalk, not Jack’s!” You can view all courses here.

Young people are crowding around Mrs Jackie Koelmeyer as she introduces “Coding Foundations”.

The number one priority of ‘adventure learning’ is to allow students to have the opportunity to pursue learning about an area of interest without traditional curriculum requirements.

Mrs Elisa Pettenon talking to students about “Mural Madness”.

After input from students about their interests and hobbies during late Term 2, staff designed an expo style presentation of 45 different courses Students have over half an hour to view the course options. Soon after, all students forwarded their preferences to their teachers. Over the next few days, those preferences will determine what courses actually run for the reminder of this term.

Mrs Rebecca Rainima puts students through their paces as they get a taste of “Muscle Up”.

From next week, each Wednesday afternoon throughout Term 3 there will be learning sessions which combine the interests and knowledge of students with their own strengths, talents, interest and/or hobbies. Adventure Learning will conclude with a Showcase event on Wednesday 26 September. Parents and the wider community will be more than welcome to view displays, presentations and projects delivered by students. We look forward to conveying more information to you throughout this term about Adventure Learning.

Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator, Miss Nicky Alsemgeest speaking with students about establishing a “Content Creation Team”.

No doubt over the next weeks and months there will be many St Luke’s staff, and maybe even the students, sharing their thoughts and insights about Adventure Learning.



6 thoughts on “Adventure Learning

  1. Greg this is such a fabulous step. To be witness to passionate learning must surely nourish your staff. Your team have sown a seed in my lurkers mind.
    Now where can outsiders sign up for these courses too. They look very very enticing from a life long learning point of view. 🍽

    1. Hi Irene,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is just one step on a long journey, but an important step never the less. St Luke’s is a preschool to post school learning community. We do see a day at St Luke’s when we act upon the ‘post’ by offering courses beyond traditional school times and for those who are a little older than their school years. Learning is life long and interest courses should and can be offered to adults in a learning community setting that, for part of its day, caters for school aged children.

      Onwards and Upwards.


  2. An impressive and exciting moment and initiative Greg. Really like the harnessing of interest, inviting curiosity, engaging expertise and tapping opportunity. Dipping my lid to you and your team Greg. Best wishes, Pat

  3. I am so excited to be part of Adventure Learning. And I’m anticipating the students will have a thing or two to teach me during the course too!

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