A Wellbeing Ecosystem – the elevator pitch!

A whole school approach to wellbeing encompasses elements of promotion, prevention and early intervention. As the enrolment at St Luke’s Catholic College continues to grow towards 2000 students, so too will the complexity of student wellbeing.

With a clear understanding that St Luke’s is designing and establishing a new normal for preschool to post school learning, there is a need for a new ‘Wellbeing Ecosystem’ with roles which enable contemporary wellbeing approaches within a preschool to post school setting.

The evolving wellbeing ecosystem at St Luke’s will be developed so that it is built around a clear knowing and valuing of individual students, located within the diverse and thriving St Luke’s learning community. The aspiration is that a sense of belonging and connection is fostered with every member of the ecosystem – students, staff and families – ensuring exceptional care for each student. The wellbeing ecosystem is coherent yet evolving, and the ecosystem supports a range of daily and weekly routines, embedded ways of learning and working, and universal initiatives to meet the needs of all students at every age. This whole school approach is enhanced by specific interventions to meet the needs of selected groups of students, and one on one support where required from school staff including teachers, coaches, counsellors and allied health professionals. It looks like this…

Image by Elisa Pettenon

A cohesive, preventative and responsive wellbeing ecosystem, one which has clearly defined roles within the College learning community, some of which closely connect to allied health support, will

  • empower students to feel connected to the St Luke’s learning community as they develop the skills to be increasingly independent, empathetic and resilient.
  • adopt wellbeing approaches and initiatives which support the College’s vision to nurture faith filled curious children to become creative contributors and innovative problem solvers for a changing world. 
  • ensure relevance and rigour across the delivery of contemporary wellbeing initiatives through the analysis of data to support evidence-based practice.
  • honour the CEDP Positive Behaviour Support for Learning (PBS4L) approach to wellbeing, especially in the early years.
  • embed positive psychology approaches across K-12 including the provision of relevant and real world wellbeing content and initiatives as part of the mandated curriculum and Life Design in Years 7-12.

Such developments and increasing focus on wellbeing has me daring to articulate the following elevator pitch.

Image by Kelly Bauer

May the elevator pitch one day become a reality!



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