The future of learning – success for all

Recognition of learning success for all​“​ issued by Learning Creates Australia is worth reading.

As part of the research underpinning the report professionals from Learning Creates Australia conducted a series of sessions with young Australians. Diverse groups of young adults were asked to reflect on their primary and secondary years of schooling. This occurred in early 2020, at a time when the impact of the bushfires was still raw and the challenges of managing Covid-19 were emerging. Here are some of their reflections.

These snippets resonate with the vision and actions at St Luke’s. When I read comments highlighted above, I am pleased that we, at St Luke’s, continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of how to teach and assess the capabilities required for a changing world as expressed through our 6 Pillars of Learning. This focus starts in our Early Learning Centre, continues into Kindergarten, and is prominent for all stages of learning including Stage 6.

Also, pondering the reflections above reminds me why Stage 3 teachers and students engage with Become. Our students deserve to feel confident and positive about the future. Our teachers work with Liv Pennie from Become, to broaden the personal awareness and aspirations of Stage 3 students so they ‘become’ more optimistic and inspired to take action on their own future.

Furthermore, recognition of learning success for all affirms why we offer Life Design as a rigorous and challenging course at St Luke’s. By exploring their SIM (strengths, interests and motivations) as well as engaging in concepts such as purpose, Life Design provides time for students answer three questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do?
  • What problems do I want to solve?

Students won’t read these questions in NAPLAN over the next few weeks, nor will they ever see them in an exam such as the HSC. However, young people will need to be able to answer these profound questions when pursuing a post-school life of contentment and fulfilment.

We could do worse than suggest that every legislator read Recognition of learning success for all​, and I recommend it to all those in education.


One thought on “The future of learning – success for all

  1. Success for All is the mission statement of my school system. It is our drive as teachers to help provide students with the skills and experience necessary to thrive after graduation. Providing students with opportunities to explore different career paths while participating in hands-on experience furnishes them with the knowledge to know if they want to continue pursuing that career or go an alternate route. Allowing students to engage in this exploration helps them to answer the questions you posed. “Who am I? What can I do? What problems do I want to solve?”

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