Has Twitter assisted your professional learning? If so, how?

On Saturday February 9, 2013, I posted the question, “Has Twitter assisted your professional learning? If so, how?”

Two days later, there were 67 responses.

·         14 teachers from @materdeiwagga (the place where I work) posted 15 responses.

·         Another 44 colleagues from across Australia and a few from overseas, posted another 52 responses. You can read them below.

I firmly believe each and every one of those who replied to my question, is worth a follow on Twitter. Each one contributes to an extensive professional learning network that ensures we are well connected and informed.

If you want to leave your thoughts at the end, please feel free to do so.



@gregmiller68 .. Tough to respond in 140. But it has awakened me to the possibilities. It’s lifted the restrictions of poor school based PD

@gregmiller68 Definitely! Opens up a world of opportunity to network, source resources, spark new ideas. One of the most powerful pd tools.

@gregmiller68 by connecting to a broad audience/wealth of knowledge!

@gregmiller68 definitely – twitter is a great place to find resources and share ideas

@gregmiller68 It has assisted me through innovative practice on a global scale a good example at the following bloghttp://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2013/02/video-the-future-will-not-be-multiple-choice/ 

@gregmiller68 twitter has undoubtedly assisted my professional learning, new ideas, similar goals and interests, sharing, motivation

@gregmiller68 It confirms my thoughts on the direction of edu. It has enabled me to meet and learn from a range of professionals.

@gregmiller68 @trishief @melcramp @bernadettecrom@sandymorton1 @t_rock_loz Immediate. Broad. Deep. Plus PLN = rich, diverse, active.

@gregmiller68 @trishief @melcramp @reduxockham@bernadettecrom @t_rock_loz yes connecting to new ideas from all over the world

@gregmiller68 @trishief @ReduxOckham @BernadetteCrom@SandyMorton1 @T_Rock_Loz Yes. Makes it easy to find info relevant to me/us

@gregmiller68 Professional Learning is on the agenda every day not just an isolated days input that is often forgotten.

@gregmiller68 twitter connects me to the world and other like minded individuals so that together we can learn how to make a difference.

.@Fernandezc4: How teachers can use twitter to find resourceshttp://goo.gl/fF3XM  ping @gregmiller68

@gregmiller68 @lollydaskal @imeldajudge @principalsq @johnqgoh@7mrsjames all connects. Supportive ppl, their blogs, resources, links, #pln

@gregmiller68 @lollydaskal @imeldajudge @principalsq @johnqgoh@7mrsjames can’t even quantify how brilliant has been over past 12 months 1/2

@gregmiller68 @aitsl @pollyes1 @activ8excellenc @shanebailey75@nathancarroll82 helps me learn through the experience of others

@gregmiller68 @aitsl @pollyes1 @activ8excellenc @shanebailey75@nathancarroll82 definitely, more connected to a broad range of people

@gregmiller68 Twitter is a valuable tool that can help students connect with relevant media and opinions that can stimulate their thinking.

@gregmiller68 It opens up a huge community of ideas sharing, learning and affirming. An intelligent form of social networking.

@gregmiller68 @lollydaskal @denise_lombardo @imeldajudge@principalsq @johnqgoh without a doubt/No question. Readings, pedagogy/Inquiry/pln.

@gregmiller68 connecting with an amazing international PLN; easy to find useful conversations and networks thro hashtags; synthesis via RTs

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@gregmiller68 Quicker to find good stuff, inspiring people to meet, new ideas constantly presenting, fun.

@gregmiller68 Definitely – since leaving everyday work in schools it’s my 10mins of pd at the start & end of every day.

@gregmiller68 twitter provides opinion, resources and suggestion that no other form of training can match for speed and variety

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@gregmiller68 Pedagogy enhancement & development & challenge, prof. connectedness & engagement, enlightenment abt wider world + beyond

@gregmiller68 definitely. Cross KLA, leaders, targeted links to learning that I can tag and do when and where ready.

@gregmiller68 also, slowly introducing the dept to it as a pd tool – aim to continue conversations started on twitter in the staff room

@gregmiller68 absolutely! Great way to connect, share and swap ideas & resources. Tchrs are v generous ppl – challenging and affirming.

@gregmiller68 @pjjheath @gregwhitby @stephen_h @poska@hargreavesbc < fast track route to my community of purpose, instant news analysis

@gregmiller68 prof readings, new ideas, inspiration, new connections/networking, challenging ideas

@gregmiller68 Good question! Being new to twitter I see the potential of the networking.

@gregmiller68 hugely! I find tools, pedagogy ideas, humor, sanity

@aliceleung @gregmiller68 @markliddell @LiamDunphy@leecrockett @lehmannchris Thank you Alice! All the best for 2013!

@gregmiller68 a great medium to collaborate and share ideas. Increases awareness of innovation & creative ideas in education.

@gregmiller68 for example a few random tweets and now there’s a local meeting to share ideas on BYOD’s and how to make it work better

@gregmiller68 also a great way to connect with other educators, it is impossible to measure the benefit of developing a network

@gregmiller68 everyday I can go to twitter to find latest links on PBL or BYOD for example, whatever is emerging as useful pedagogies

@gregmiller68 best Professional Learning ever. Most amazing array of opps delivered in endless formats. Learning that changes practice.

@Deb_Pope @gregmiller68 haha! They do! There are so many what if possibilities but good to stay focused!

@gregmiller68 They always say two heads are better than one. Well, then a 1,000 heads are better than two.

@Deb_Pope @gregmiller68 very true! There’s always an answer or direction to be found to take you to the next level

@gregmiller68 It has allowed me to connect with others. Challenges seem much easier to face when you have a group or list to get ideas from

@EduKate7 @gregmiller68 although those irresistibly sneaky little great idea tweets pop up so frequently…they make you look!!!

@EduKate7 @gregmiller68 Sure is Kate….that’s why it’s important to follow well and focus what you read eg purpose at the time!

@Deb_Pope @gregmiller68 it’s always an interesting journey when you get an idea Deb!

@gregmiller68 twitter has really helped to broaden my perspective – my network provides me thoughtful feedback on my thinking

@gregmiller68 @BiancaH80 @Tim__Barrett @Maurs_5 @betchaboy@MissB6_2 @MichaelBarber9 Opportunity to connect + share with innovative thinkers

@gregmiller68 absolutely twitter has impacted my professional learning more than any other form of PD. reading, sharing, interacting etc

@gregmiller68 connections with a vast array of educators, links to thought leaders and latest innovations

@gregmiller68 For sure not same learner or teacher I once was! It’s inquiry learning at its best. Sparks thoughts and encourages reflection

@gregmiller68 @markliddell @liamdunphy @leecrockett@john_larkin @lehmannchris Connects me w/ educators & scientists

@gregmiller68 definitely. A constant source of ideas. Some good, some rubbish. However better to have 1 good idea than none!

Twitter has helped in keeping me informed and given me some good conversation starters. In some way it has help my learning@gregmiller68

@gregmiller68 Absolutely: I find/share a wealth of resources, participate in professional chats, follow news frm conferences on global scale

@gregmiller68 How- contact with innovative educators, networks and support both on twitter and IRL, reading, links & ideas

@gregmiller68 Access to global leaders’ minds & innovative ideas; sharing across networks with peers; the latest info, research, practice

@gregmiller68 @katiefoges @fizwiz @gregdswanson @gavpin@profbravus @grant_harbor Twitter has probably been the biggest influence on my PD!

@gregmiller68 I’ve learned much more about web 2.0 learning platforms and it has significantly improved my tech skills.

@gregmiller68 @trishief @melcramp @reduxockham@bernadettecrom @sandymorton1 Yes! Doing a lot more professional reading than I was b4 it.

@gregmiller68 it’s provided fabulous links to articles on a daily basis and kept me connected to international thinking


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